Week 3 Nov 7 2016

As expected, there haven't been noticeable physical changes. I have been experiencing some emotional fluctuations, but I am loathe to attribute emotional differences to hormones. It not only sounds terribly cliche to me, I think it plasters over learned behaviors between men and women in processing emotions. Despite this, my partner has noticed that I've been more visibly emotional than she's ever seen me, and after reflecting back on the last two weeks I agree. I don't usually tear up, but it's happened a couple of times. I am very uncomfortable with the idea that a molecule having that much power, in a sense, over my state of mind. Many trans women describe an increase in their emotional presence, and I've often, unfairly, attributed this to their becoming more in touch with themselves and not to the plasma concentration of estradiol. I still don't think a person's emotional responses can be reduced in any simplistic fashion to a single molecule, and the intertwining of experience, attitude, cognitive processing, and social feedback makes any causal connection between estradiol and emotion tenuous at best. Still, I've been crying more.